Mediterranean Gardener

Best Landscape Design Platinum Winner

His clients refer to Serdar Arapoglu who has been gardening, growing trees and other plants landscaping and decorating in Northern Cyprus since 1997 as ‘the man with the green fingers’. He learned his profession in the UK and then perfected it in Italy where he discovered his love for Mediterranean gardens. Nowadays he puts his heart and soul into his gardens and has landscaped and decorated countless gardens very successfully. In addition he has appeared in several gardening TV shows, he attends international garden fairs in order to enhance his knowledge regularly and takes part in training and workshops to stay up to date.

To provide the best possible service suiting the Mediterranean climate, he adapts international techniques and alert them to complement local conditions. He is an expert in Cypriot flora and fauna, knows its climatic conditions well and therefore develops and import plants and seeds ideally suited to local conditions. Example of these are special biocides and pesticides and the import of drought resistant plants and seeds from Italy . Because of this he is able to plant and grow green and lush plants and turf in the gardens of the Cypriot and foreign clients no matter how dry the climate may be.

He provides every service for clients’ gardens planting maintaining spraying watering landscaping decorating ect. He promises that his gardens reach their final beauty within three months and therefore provides a complimentary service to his gardens for this period. There are countless plants flowers and trees in the most beautiful gardens of Cyprus which would not be here without Serdar Arapoglu.