Mediterranean Gardener

Garden Maintenance

Once a personal landscape or garden has been created it needs constant maintenance so that it will maintain its beauty. And often expert knowledge is required to provide the right conditions for your plants to grow and flourish.

At Mediterranean Gardener our team of dedicated gardeners carefully carry out all work under the watchful eyes of well educated and skilled supervisors. You can trust us to do a good job, because to us gardening is not a chore, it is something we are passionate about.

If you ask us, we will agree with you the amount of work you need or require. This work is then entered into a program which is followed by our team. This way we enable absolute control of each plant and flower, and satisfaction to you. During the program we only use the best gardening equipment. We are trained in the use of the most recent technology in chemical substances against weeds and pests, always providing for the safety for humans and animals.

The main points that our maintenance agreements will include are:

  • General cleaning of the garden
  • Pruning of bushes and trees in forms to serve humans and plants. Weeding
  • Supervision and control of irrigation
  • Treatment and use of fertilisers and herbicides, with licence.
  • Spraying is routinely performed with our maintenance package (high quality industrial machinery means we get the jobs done with greater efficiency, saving you money).
  • Replacement of dead plants free of charge.

Get in touch for further details.