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Gardena Garden Tools and Equipment in North Cyprus

Gardena Garden Tools and Equipment in North Cyprus

Mediterranean Gardener has added quality to its vast experience has brought the world famous brand GARDENA to North Cyprus. In addition to Floragard garden turf and Flortis vitamins, we are now the main importer and dealer of Gardena garden tools.

Create Your Own Paradise Garden

In order to turn your garden in to a paradise all you need is to change your garden with a charming and creative design. Our love towards trees flowers and green multiply us to do something to have them in our garden.

Best Landscape Design Platinum Winner

His clients refer to Serdar Arapoglu who has been gardening, growing trees and other plants landscaping and decorating in Northern Cyprus since 1997 as ‘the man with the green fingers’.

Pebble Decorations in Your Garden

Pebble Decorations in Your Garden. Use of stones and pebbles is one of the ways how we can reduce the spread of weeds. I am one of the pioneers who started using pebble cover in Cyprus and I have been even criticized for that.

The Most Suitable Grass Types for the Climate of North Cyprus

Australian Grass (Kikiu), Fesluka Grass, Fesluka Grass are the most suitable grass types for the climate of North Cyprus.

Step by Step Mediterranean Garden

There are many shrubs that we can squeeze into our gardens such as the colourful roses and the fragrant lavender, rosemary and jasmine and of course, not forgetting the ever present colourful bougainvillea which typifies the Mediterranean garden.