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Adopting the principle of working with quality brands, our company has many world brands as well as offering high quality products to our dealers and customers with a wide range of products at the most reasonable prices. In addition, thanks to its knowledgeable and experienced staff, we provide excellent products in terms of safety, functionality and durability to our customers, as well as customer satisfaction and happiness in after-sales services, to be honest, reliable and innovative, always to be customer-oriented, our vision and mission has been.


We have developed and developed ourselves in every aspect by keeping customer satisfaction above all else and taking advantage of all innovations brought by technology. Our first goal is not to victimize our customers. In the face of problems, we work completely solution-oriented and produce fast, reliable and permanent solutions. We are aware of our responsibility. In particular, we add value to our stakeholders thanks to our after-sales service and expert technical support. In parallel, we are behind the two-year product warranty. Thanks to our stock of ready-made spare parts, we increase our technical support and service quality after sales.

We have quite a good place in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. We are aware of the responsibility of all these high quality brands that we distribute. That’s why we guarantee service and spare parts. We prefer to use original spare parts especially for our brands. And with our spare parts supply and ready stocks, we offer the fastest solutions. And thus, we aim to be the first choice of our customers with our sensitivity in sales, technical service support and availability of original spare parts.

Keep your chains on your chain saw sharp.
A Blunt chain on your chainsaw means that more fuel than necessary is used and damage may occur.
At our centre, we have the equipment and technology to keep your chains sharp and in good working order.

Replacing chainsaw chain
If the chain on your chain saw is damaged it will need replacing. This procedure needs to be carried out in a safe environment.
We provide this service for you.
We also stock quality chains and with the latest quality machines we cut chains according to the size needed.
Our company offers a wide range of quality well known brand products at the best available prices.
Our products are both functional and long lasting.
Here at The Mediterranean Garden Centre we offer our valued customers support with all aspects of purchases.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us both before and after sales.
Our company reputation is based on customer care, being reliable and honest.

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