Irrigation systems

Since manual irrigation is performed during daily life hours, it is difficult to control the amount and time of irrigation. If watering is not done at the right times and quantities, it creates big problems in terms of plant health. Irrigation at high temperatures during the day leads to large water losses.
• Saving time; you don’t need to spend hours on irrigation,
• Saving money; With automatic irrigation you can reduce water consumption by 40%,
• Making the most of your plants; to obtain healthy plants,
• Efficient water usage prevents water waste.

We use the latest technology offered by the Gardena brand, add our own experience to quality and make automatic or manual mechanical irrigation systems.
Sprinkler, drip, sweating irrigation systems; we install surface sprinklers, underground rotors and spray sprinklers, professional or amateur irrigation systems. Thanks to the timers we use in automatic irrigation systems, we adjust the irrigation hours to the desired hours according to the programs we choose and we obtain excellent results. You must remember that the path to a perfect garden is through an excellent irrigation system.