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Flower Pot Replacement and Arrangement

Flowers, plants and fruit trees that you receive from our garden center can be removed from the pots upon request and transferred to larger or more decorative pots. We make arrangements with decorative pots and potted plants to your home, swimming pool area and workplace.


Flower and Plant Care

We detect the problems of the yellowed, faded and sickened flowers you have brought to our garden center and carry out the necessary intervention and maintenance such as spraying, fertilizing and changing pots.


Plant Cultivation

We help you plant and arrange the flowers, plants and fruit trees you want and recommend according to your garden and region.


Indoor Plant Design

We determine the decorative arrangements that you want to make in the interiors of your home and office according to the character of your place and make arrangements with plants and flowers suitable for your environment and taste.

Why Us ?

Garden flowers make our gardens always look chirping, colorful, peaceful. Of course, choosing the right flower, the plant is compatible with our climate and durable is very important. As Mediterranaean Garden Center, we care that you make the right choice so we recommend our healthy flowers and fruit trees that we grow in harmony with the Mediterranean climate. We grow plants, flowers and fruit trees that you can’t find anywhere at an affordable price. In addition, thanks to our expert staff, we will advise and inform you when and how to plant these plants. In addition to many plants, you can find flower pots, compost soil souvenirs, arrangements, indoor plants, seeds, vegetable seedlings and decorative stones in our garden center.

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